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Unbinding Error / Timeout Error


I'm trying to unbind my recorder from an existing LTS Connect account, but I keep getting an error / timeout. What does that mean?


If you are trying to unbind a device via mobile app, NVR, IP Tool and you are recieving an error or timeout. This indicates you either have no internet connection or the device is a legacy device which does not support unbinding. 

For legacy devices, you will need to gain access to the original account registered on LTS Connect to manually unbind it in the app before you can add the device to a new account. 

Legacy Devices (Pre 2019 Serial Numbers)

Alternate Solution:

If you cannot access the original account, the device will need to be returned to our Sydney Headquarters for unbinding. Fees and charges will apply.

Below is the RMA application if you would like to send your device back to us