LTS Active Guard

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 Active Guard Cameras -

  • CMIP3D82W-28M (G5 recommended)
  • CMIP3C42W-28SDL 

  Supported NVR's -

  • (LTN8608-P8, LTN8616-P16, LTN8916H, LTN8916H-P16, LTN8932H, LTN8932H-P16, LTN8932H-P24, LTN8932-P16, LTN8932-R, LTN8964-8, LTN8964-R)

  Firmware - Download

      * Warning Please consult your LTS distributor before downloading & Upgrading

 How to Setup (Active Guard) -

  Check out our Quick setup guides on the Firmware link above.


 Kit Bundles - Page




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