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Frequently Asked Questions - 

Before calling our Tech Support 99% of problems are solved by:

1. Restarting NVR/DVR

2. Restarting iPhone / Android Phone


Quick Guides:

Playback / Backup  New GUI (Blue Menu) - V4
Playback / Backup  Old GUI (Black Menu) - V3



Unbinding DVR/NVR - PT Cloud APP
TVI DVR - Adding more IP Channels 


EUI (New GUI 2021)

EUI - 2021 New GUI
EUI Playback Guide
EUI - Searching

V4 GUI (86** / 89** Series)

Backup V3/V4
Live View
Password Reset
DDNS - Guide 
DDNS Website 
Change DVR/NVR Password
Change Camera Name
Playback & Backup
Australia DST Settings
Spot Monitor Config
Menu Output Mode
Gmail Settings - Email Alerts


Audio Recording - IP camera with Mic

Enabling Audio Recording 



Port Forwarding Cheat Sheet
PT Cloud Cheat Sheet



Quick Guide
Login to PT Cloud Via NVMS V3 PC


NVMS 7000 - PC / Mac

Password Reset
Playback & Setup - PC
NVMS User Manual
Password Reset
Encryption Key


IP Camera

Defaulting an IP Camera
Audio Connection
RJ45 Connector Diagram 
RTSP Settings
PTZ - Higher Tilt Angle

PTZ - Enable Auto/Smart Tracking

Adding LTS IP Camera by ONVIF to 3rd Party Recorder


AI Camera - CMIP3D** / 3C**

VCA Function - Record to SD Card
Enabling White light on Colour 247 IP Camera
Enabling Warning Message & Strobe Alarm light CMIP3D** AI Series
Configuring Human AI with Line cross VCA Function & Notifications
Configuring Hybrid IR Function



TVI Camera - 

Enabling White light on Colour247 - TVI


ANPR - License Plate Recognition

ANPR Cheat Sheet - 2nd Gen LPR camera with Deep Learning
White List / Black List
ANPR Gen1 Cheat Sheet



Commercial Doorbell Quickguide
Modular Intercom Quickguide
Lock Installation - Wiring guide
Secure Door Module - Wiring guide 
Secure Door Module - Configuration guide
Two-Wire (Distance Chart)
Commercial Doorbell -  Connecting via WiFi & 12v DC


Web Browser

Mac Plugin Install

Email Configuration
Live View 
Local Save Path
Edge / Internet Explorer


LTS Connect

PT Cloud - Setup Guide

LTS Connect Help (in LTS Connect App go to -> More -> Help)



Bracket Compatibility - TVI
Bracket Compatibility - IP
3rd Party List
POS Compatibility
POS Connection Guide
NAS Connection Guide
TF Card Compatibility
Control 4 Compatibility list