Pro-X is the newest end-to-end video security solution from LTS. Every essential piece is here, outperforming anything else in the market today. With Pro-X, we have harnessed the power of AI to do more – and do it better & faster – with less hardware and a smaller footprint. Pro-X features only the highest quality components and technologies. Manufactured outside China, it is NDAA-compliant and ready for any application. What's more, all Pro-X products come with a limited lifetime warranty*. 

Read on to learn why we believe Pro-X sets a new standard for the security industry market today.

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Why PRO-X?



LTS engineers looked over the range of IP video security solutions available today and identified ways the technology was falling behind the demands of the market. Next, we organized our findings into three categories: intelligence, detection, and deterrence. Then, we found ways to overcome the challenges and establish a new level of security capability. We put it all into one concise product line that will equip installers & systems integrators for the needs of today’s security market. And Pro-X was born. 








Because criminals are getting smarter

IP systems intelligence in market solutions was lacking, so we developed two technologies to vastly improve it. They are X-Search and X-Boost.





X-Search is the industry's fastest footage search tool, vastly superior to anything else on the market. It uses select Pro-X cameras (bullet, turret) to take note of numerous features of any target. Now, locating persons-of-interest, missing persons, lost items, & security event footage with Pro-X NVRs can usually be accomplished in as little as 10 seconds – that’s compared to several hours with our competitors’ software. Its capabilities are truly stunning, and users’ benefits will be significant.







Pro-X Ultra Intelligent NVRs add MD 2.0 and facial recognition to existing, under-equipped IP systems – we call this X-Boost. That means a single Pro-X NVR can elevate an outdated, under-equipped IP installation to an AI-based detection system instantly. (Requires ONVIF compatibility.) The cost-benefit ratio here for users is immense.






Because criminals are getting more brazen
Smash-n-grab and mob looting activities are on the rise. We set out to go beyond simply recording events. Now Pro-X has the tools to prevent them. Enter our X-Deterrence Cameras. These cameras pack their own unique combinations of deterrence features. 



Next, Pro-X MD 2.0  & Hybrid Illumination technologies achieve the best human & vehicle classification in the industry, triggering alarms, notifications, and other preventive measures to continuously keep security personnel ahead of threats.





First, the high-decibel siren with red & blue flashing lights work proactively to detect and deter criminals & prevent incidents. Custom audio messages can be recorded and broadcast to let would-be trespassers know they are under active surveillance before they can cause damage or loss.




*Pro-X Access Control is coming soon to complete the deterrence lineup




Because criminals are getting more devious 
IP systems today need more sensitivity in more ways. So, we developed ways to overcome what was lacking in detection: X-Tracking and Pro-X Color 24/7 technologies. We also radically extended the reach of security monitoring with our X-PoE.  



With X-Tracking, both Smart Tracking PTZ Cameras  and Dual-Lens E-Tracking Camera keep persons of interest and vehicles in the field of view. The PTZs offer radical zoomed-in views while the dual-lens model can track up to 5 targets at once using P-in-P views.



For the best nighttime color and image resolution on the market, the Colour 24/7 Cameras render incredible, industry-leading imaging details.



Combining the Pro-X Ultra Intelligent LXN9432D-P24 NVR with select cameras extends the reach of IP video monitoring – over 2,600 feet! Now, every inch of the property will always be within reach. That’s X-PoE.






Today’s criminals are more clever, brazen, & devious than ever. So, stop using mediocre CCTV systems equipped with outdated technology. Switch to Pro-X. 


Pro-Intelligence. Pro-Detection. Pro-Active. That's Pro-X.


Multiple Operating Platform Options Available 





The New "X-Factor" for SMB Markets and More

Pro-X is a complete, concise, end-to-end solution that’s easy to use, deploys the best technologies available, and is built for long-lasting growth & expansion. It focuses on intelligent components, high-sensitivity detections, and proactive crime deterrence. Multiple platforms are available to suit any kind of customer.