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Intercom System Overview

An intercom system is built for communication between visitors and people inside a building. It usually consists of two major components: an outdoor station, and an indoor station.

Besides traditional intercom functionalities, LTS Intercom system supports remote management via phone.

Compatible with LTS NVR / DVR and IP Cameras, LTS intercom devices can be integrated easily and seamlessly into your existing video surveillance system.


Outdoor Station

LTS Intercom Outdoor Station consists of 1 mandatory camera module and optional extension modules like keypad module and card reader module. For each main entrance outdoor station, you can add up to 8 side-entrance outdoor stations. 
  •  2MP IP Camera
  •  IR up to 15ft
  •  Record Videos to LTS NVR / DVR 
  •  Flexible Modules Combination (add up to 8 Sub-modules)
  •  Built-in Access Control Functionalities
  •  Automatic Snapshot of All Visitors

Indoor Station

On the 7" screen, you can view and talk with visitors in real time, review missed call history, browse through snapshots taken by outdoor station then stored here.
Each apartment / house should have one mandatory main indoor station, and/or up to 5 extension indoor stations.
All Configurations are done on the main indoor station.
Compatible with LTS video surveillance system, add and view up to 16 IP cameras from the indoor station.
  •  7" Capactive Touch Screen
  •  Built in Mic and Speaker
  •  Support 32G SD Card
  •  Wifi Enabled
  •  10/100 Ethernet


Mobile App - Remote Management

Using LTS Connect App, you can live view and talk with your visitors on mobile phone when you are not physically in the building, open or lock door remotely. The Call Log keeps the history of all visitors. Using the Indoor Station's touch screen to pair your phone with your indoor station, and start managing your door remotely!
  •  Open and lock Doors on App
  •  Liveview Visitors on Phone
  •  Review Visiting History in Call Log
  •  Share device access to up to 4 flatmates 

LTS 2-Wire Intercom Solution

Necessary Devices For the System:
How to Wire:
  •  Connected with 18/6 Wires
  •  Indoor Station - Distributor - Outdoor Station
  •  Power - Distributor - Router
  •  All devices under the same LAN

LTS IP Intercom Solution

Necessary Devices For the System:
How to Wire:
  • Connected with Cat5 cable
  • Indoor Station - PoE - Outdoor Station
  • All devices under the same LAN


  • How many apartments can an LTS Intercom system supports?

    LTS Intercom system can support up to 500 apartment units.

  • Do you have an app for remote management?

    Yes, it's called LTS Connect App. Simply pair your phone with your indoor station, and you will receive app notifications whenever visitors call.

  • Can LTS intercom be integrated with LTS video surveillance system?

    Yes, from your indoor station, you can view up to 16 IP cameras, including the outdoor station's camera.
    You can also store the footage captured by outdoor station to NVR.

  • What kind of power does these intercom devices use?

    The outdoor station should be powered by PoE. The indoor station can be powered by PoE or DC 12V power.

  • How large is the local storage of the indoor station?

    The indoor station has 2MB Flash storage (If you turn off the device, the data will be lost.) to store up to about 32 snapshots or 32 voice messages (30s each).

    There is a built-in 32 SD card slot, you can purchase a 32 SD card for more storage.


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