2-Wire Cabling Guidelines

2-Wire Cabling Guidelines main image 2-Wire Cabling Guidelines image

*LTS 2-wire cabling guidelines:

Fig 8 – 30 meters (Indoor monitor)

Although Fig 8 can transfer more power, it is not twisted so it is susceptible to interference / noise between the Door station and the Video distributor. 

(If Fig 8 is a must. Make sure its at least 24 strand. And keep the run less than 20m)


Twisted pair – upto 60 meters (recommended)

You can use telephone cable or cat 5/6 (recommended to use only one pair of each cable) if you use more than one pair per cable the impedance can affect the comms if it’s a longer distance.

Telephone cable has a lesser twist, so not as good as Cat5/6.

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